Leif, A Felon, Now Changed


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By Marianna Moles


Leif understands that unlike him, some people don’t change. And even though he has changed, given his criminal record, “It takes awhile for [employers] to see my skills,” said Leif.


Leif was raised to be a productive member of society, but he was young. “I was going through life lackadaisical, not taking it too serious. I was drinking and selling drugs,” he said. “At that age, I was going through something every human being does: trying to find your identity. We all do things we wouldn’t normally do.”


Then one day his behavior caught up with him. With the Three Strikes Rule in full force, suddenly Leif was facing 10 years in jail. By the time he left, he was 38 years old and a felon.


“Now I’m taking life more seriously, but I dug myself into a hole,” said Leif. He is currently housed in San Jose and working in Palo Alto.


With plenty of security experience under his belt from working at a club in Stockton and currently as security guard during our San Jose Weekly Success Team Meetings, Leif is always looking for full-time work.


His cool demeanor paired with a somewhat intimidating expression (except when his face widens into a big smile), make him the kind of security guard who automatically garners the upmost respect.


Leif is thankful for his position with Downtown Streets Team. “I don’t know what I would do without this tool. Just having a job does a lot for self-esteem,” said Leif.


Update: Leif is now housed.

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