Holly is a recent graduate of our program who is now housed, employed and one year sober. She has reached incredible goals and she’s not stopping!


“I was sitting there in jail thinking, ‘Give yourself one year and see what happens,” said Holly, a recent graduate of our program. “I can’t believe I will be one year sober from three addictions.”


This is just one of the life-changing goals Holly met after joining Downtown Streets Team over a year ago. Now sober, reunited with her daughters, housed and employed, Holly is unstoppable with her upbeat attitude and drive to move forward.


Now a graduate of our program, she is continuing to work hard to achieve personal and professional goals. She’s fighting for what’s important to her.


“It’s possible for your life to turn around. If you go after what you want, you can obtain it. I’m making more money than I ever have before and I’m living in my own place – that I obtained myself.” She adds, smiling, “I rearranged my bedroom the other day.” A simple, yet satisfying pleasure.


She credits her accomplishments to one thing: believing in herself.


“I didn’t believe in myself before – I had such low self-esteem.” She set goals too big to obtain, so now she’s starting small. “I’ve set a goal to lose five pounds. And maybe that will turn into five pounds a month. I walked 7.3 miles today. If I can do all these other things, I can lose weight.”


Recently someone said to her, “I like the old Holly.”


And she replied, “Well, she isn’t coming back, so you can forget about her.”


We can’t wait to see what Holly does next, and neither can she.


“I could end up anywhere. I’m not going to limit myself.”

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