Why did she become homeless? Why does he have trouble finding a job? What are her goals and dreams? How is he doing now? These are just some of the stories our Team Members have shared. People end up homeless and living on the streets for a variety of reasons and we think you’ll not only be surprised by their eye-opening stories, but you may also come to realize, “That could have been me.”


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I am a Warrior

My name is Michael. I came to California from Hawaii in 1974. I went to school in Eastside San Jose. I had a normal childhood, my parents provided everything we needed. We were very well off. In high school, I was pretty athletic. My favorite sport to play was football. I was introduced to… Read more »


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“Will” Williams From a Life Sentence to Living

During his years in prison, Williams never had a single visitor; the ties between him and his 12 siblings had unraveled when they were put into foster care at age 9 because of brutal abuse.


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Kevin’s Heartfelt Message

We often receive messages from our graduates. Kevin is one of our most active Facebook Fans, and he shared this sweet photo and message with us today. All we have to say is congratulations on his sobriety and beautiful baby boy! “I wanted to thank eileen , chris, greg, Shannon and every single person… Read more »


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Holly is Unstoppable

Meet Holly. Holly is a recent graduate of our program who is now housed, employed and one year sober. She has reached incredible goals and she’s not stopping! “I was sitting there in jail thinking, ‘Give yourself one year and see what happens,” said Holly, a recent graduate of our program. “I can’t believe… Read more »


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Chuck on Learning to Trust

Nothing in the years that Chuck Jagoda spent as a student of ancient and modern Greek and an educator in New York City schools prepared him for the hardest challenge of his life: homelessness.


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Mike’s Journey to Housing and Sobriety

By Marianna Moles As with many homeless people, Mike Osteen’s back story is complicated and riddled with uncontrollable circumstances and struggles. Mike is a true testament to what hard work and perseverance can accomplish when provided with a stable and supportive environment. With honesty and openness upon reflecting on the past 55 years of his… Read more »


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Don’s Story of Perseverance

Don was living like many of us: gainfully employed and renting an apartment with a roommate. When Don lost his job at Fry’s his roommate, who was ill with cancer, became concerned about the liability of carrying the rent on her own. Being a standup guy with a strong sense of honor, Don left on… Read more »


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Leif, A Felon, Now Changed

Leif is thankful for his position with Downtown Streets Team. “I don’t know what I would do without this tool. Just having a job does a lot for self-esteem,” said Leif.


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Connie Lands Dream Job

“Everyone at DST is truly dedicated to doing what they do and it inspires me to do the same,” said Connie – one of our Team Members who has always wanted to work for the City of Palo Alto.


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Rodney Will Never Give Up

“The moral of the story is never give up. Stick with it,” said Rodney. It’s a mantra that fits him perfectly. Born in Detroit, he moved around and ended up in the bay area as a result of his mother leaving his father.

Did you know?

Homelessness is down 14% in Santa Clara County- the first significant drop in 15 years!

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