Introducing the Downtown Streets Team Affiliate Network

We founded Downtown Streets Team (DST) to respond to citizens’ top concerns in a small community in Northern California in 2005. Since then, we have found that DST can serve every kind of community, big and small, urban and rural. Alongside this discovery, we have seen first-hand that DST works to improve outcomes for our neighbors who have experienced homelessness and for the entire public. Despite this success, homelessness continues to grow and affect Americans all over the country; we just can’t keep up with the demand. In order for us to end homelessness in our lifetime, we need to put DST in the hands of local community leaders and organizations, so we’re launching the Affiliate Network to empower YOU to start your own Streets Team.

We’ve spent the last 18 months building the foundation for the DST Affiliate Network. In early 2018 we’ll be piloting the network and are looking for partners across the Country to join us.

If you’re interested in launching a Downtown Streets Team find out more below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

DST is designing a pilot to launch three affiliates in the near future. Affiliates can be in the private or non profit sector, so long as they have an aligned mission and willingness to implement the DST model. To apply for the pilot early please fill out this form.

Affiliate Network Information Request Form

Affiliate Network Information Request Form

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Downtown Streets Team is a 501(c)3 Organization. Donations are tax deductible. EIN 20-5242330