Downtown Streets Team won't stop supporting our Team Members through this crisis. As a result of the COVID-19 stay at home orders that have been issued, other services have shut down. But, Downtown Streets Team is standing up and stepping in to cover the gaps for our Team Members. Our work has become more important than ever as we are working tirelessly to provide our Team Members emotional support and basic needs stipends so they can continue to access food, communication, and transportation.

So much of our model is dependent on the relationships our Team Members build and maintain with us and one another. Without beautification projects and weekly Success Meetings that have been suspended as a result of the need to social distance, our Team Members' only connection with us and this community is through weekly stipend disbursement. There is a greater need for our Team Members to stay connected and we are meeting this need with frequent check-ins via phone when that option is available. But, not everyone has a phone and there are fewer places for charging.

Our Team Members' greatest needs at this time are:

  • Increased food stipends to access food from grocery stores that are still open
  • Access to communication
  • A greater need for connection, community, and sense of purpose at this time.

We can only meet these needs for our Team Members with your help. Downtown Streets Team has incurred increased expenses and we don't want to turn anyone away.

Will you please help us continue to Stand Up and Step In by contributing right now? We will not let this crisis stand in the way of providing support to the most vulnerable of our community.


Web Series

Past Events

Event 1: Boots on the Ground, A First Person Perspective. April 1, 2020

Event 2: Disconnected, The Detrimental Effects of Social Isolation. April 15, 2020

Event 3: Resilience, How Men and Women Survive on the Streets. April 29, 2020

Event 4: Helping at a Time of Crisis. May 6, 2020

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