Rappel 16 floors from the top of Adobe headquarters


We are excited to have you join us for Downtown Drop Down. You can sign up as an individual or as part of a team. As a Rappeler, not only will you experience the adventure of a life-time, you will also help solve homelessness. We challenge you to go over the edge with courage to end homelessness.


Each Rappeler, whether part of a group or as an individual, secures their rappel spot by donating $200, and fundraising $2,000. Your $200 ticket goes toward your fundraiser. We'll provide the fundraising platform and tips for reaching your goal. We're cheering you on! $2,000 provides 20+ people with weekly work experience + case management + employment resources + basic needs + new interview clothes. Wow! Your fundraiser will truly rebuild lives.


It’s no secret that homelessness is widespread and visible across the Bay Area. As a Rappeler, you will actively help solve homelessness by increasing awareness and changing perceptions about this largely misunderstood social issue, as well as contributing financially through your very own fundraiser. Sign up to rappel by filling out our contact form. You will be the first to know when registration opens.


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Toss Your Boss


Team up with your coworkers, or take on the challenge yourself, to send your boss over the edge of Adobe headquarters for all of San Jose to see! The more people on your team, the quicker you'll reach your goal, and the sweet reward is watching your boss rappel over the edge to end homelessness.


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At Downtown Streets Team, we firmly believe that by giving people hope, dignity and respect, we will solve homelessness one person at a time. Through work-experience, community collaboration and environmental beautification projects, Downtown Streets Team has successfully secured homes and jobs for over 1,200 people experiencing homelessness, and removed over 88,100 tons of trash from our neighborhoods and city streets. With our model, the community wins, the environment wins and people experiencing homelessness win, too. What’s not to love?




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