Volume XIII – “I Know I’m on The Right Path”

My name is Raymond. My mom and I never had a close relationship. She never really supported me; I really had to be on my own, be independent, and work hard. I worked for many companies like Lucky’s, Safeway, and Costco. She was running a store and I was managing it and helping her out a little bit. I took a risk, saved my money, and bought… Read more »



Volume XII – “I’m Just Getting Started”

My name is Gloria and I’m from the Bay Area. Life for me started when I got pregnant. I had sex one time and got pregnant. I was 15 years old and then I had her and really I guess when she got to 2 years old is when I first experienced being homeless. That’s when my mom kicked me out of the house. I didn’t know what I was going to do or where I was going to go, but… Read more »



Volume XI – “Yes I’m Homeless, But I’m Going To Be A Success Story”

My name is Vernell; I came to DST roughly 8 months ago. I was looking for a way to make ends meet, to give me a purpose, to keep me out of the shelter system. I moved here from Savannah, Georgia via Arkansas. I was living in… Read more »



East Bay Gives

East Bay Gives is a 24-hour online giving blitz supporting Bay Area nonprofits. We hope you’ll show support for our Hayward Team by donating. On Thursday, May 4, 2017, East Bay Gives aims to mobilize Bay Area residents to give $5 million to support hundreds of nonprofits, and Downtown Streets Team is one of them. Just… Read more »



Vote to Help us Launch a Team in Mountain View

Downtown Streets Team has been recognized as a FINALIST for Inspire Mountain View, a collective of tech companies and committed community partners who are offering significant dollars to preserve the diversity of the community and strengthen the quality of life in Mountain View. Beginning today thru April 21st, we are asking for your VOTE to expand our model of ending… Read more »



Providing Jobs, Housing and Hope

Written By Mayor Edwin M. Lee If someone ventured down to the Dolby Laboratories headquarters on Wednesday, they would have immediately noticed a large group of people decked out in brightly colored yellow t-shirts. These individuals were impossible to miss, and they had every right to be recognized. They were all members of the Downtown Streets Team,… Read more »



City of Sunnyvale Welcomes the Street Café That’s Ending Homelessness

It’s coffee with a karma catch: order your cappuccino at Downtown Streets Team’s (DST) KARTMA Street Café and know you’re paying it forward, because every cup purchased goes towards ending homelessness. The 100 percent electric coffee cart employs individuals transitioning out of homelessness and equips them with practical work experience and a competitive wage…. Read more »



SCC Realtors Foundation Donates $25,000

Earlier this week, the Santa Clara County Realtors Foundation (SCCRF) surprised all of us at Downtown Streets Team (DST) when they presented a $25,000 check at an evening event hosted by Santa Clara County Association of Realtors. “Myself and Annette Hancock, an extraordinary volunteer and long-time board member, were overwhelmed by the foundation’s generosity, and Annette was… Read more »



San Jose Mayor Liccardo Helps Remove 162 Bags of Trash

Do you notice the trash and debris alongside San Jose’s freeway on and off-ramps (also known as gateways)? It’s a noticeable issue, and our unhoused Team Members and San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo are working hard to clean it all up, one gateway at a time. There are 18 gateways leading into downtown San Jose,… Read more »


- Stories from 2016 -



Volume X – Hayley Benham-Archdeacon, DST Coordinator

By Hayley Benham-Archdeacon, DST San Francisco Coordinator: Something our Project Director says is if we could just get everyone in the room with our Team Members, we would end homelessness. I fully believe that. They are the most human humans. I don’t know how else to say it. While of course the breadth of personalities… Read more »



LinkedIn Interns Say ‘Hi’ and Raise 10,000 to End Homelessness

In late March 2016, Downtown Streets Team launched its work experience model for unhoused community members in San Francisco, a city that we know and love for its diverse, creative, and charmingly gritty culture. Three months after our launch, we were thrilled to have the attention of the largest employment oriented social networking company in… Read more »



VOL IX – Gregory Mills, San Francisco Graduate

Hi, I’m Gregory Mills… Can we do it like Paul Harvey? I just think it sounds more dramatic… February 23 1977, I joined the Airforce with a six month old child. I was looking for something better career-wise, instead of being a janitor, my pride was too strong. I started as a mechanic, worked… Read more »



SanJoseInside – Op-Ed: Vote ‘Yes’ on A for Affordable Housing

This op-ed piece was originally published by; written by Eileen Richardson: Measure A would authorize Santa Clara County to spend $950 million on affordable housing for the homeless and other vulnerable residents. This November, Santa Clara County voters will have the opportunity to make history by voting “yes” on Measure A… Read more »



VOL VIII - Eileen Richardson, CEO

Looking back, I’m embarrassed at my naivety. I raised two kids as a single mom, all the while climbing my way up the corporate ladder. I became a successful Venture Capitalist, and then took the helm as CEO of Napster and another high-tech startup. After that, I thought solving homelessness would be a breeze. Give me six months, I thought, and I’ll spread the model across the country and call it a day!Read more »



VOL VII - Rich Mongarro, Union Square Team

By Rich Mongarro, Operations Director at Block by Block Union Square: We all have our stories, both good and bad. It can be hard not to judge each another. Those living on the street are judged and written off based on their physical appearance and apparent status in life before their beliefs, aspirations or character ever come into consideration… Read more »



VOL VI - Angelique Diaz, Case Manager

By Angelique Diaz, San Francisco Case Manager: I am continuously asked, “What is case management?” If ya ask me, it means being a housing counselor, personal assistant, liaison, scheduler, cooking instructor, house cleaner, mold inspector, mover, driver, legal advocate, and alarm clock. I grew up in Brownsville, a small city in South Texas, and although it was a poor border town, homelessness was rarely seen. Growing up, I didn’t even know homelessness existed. Now I speak as someone who has been in the nonprofit world working with the unhoused and low-income community for 10 years, which is my entire adult life… Read more »



VOL V - LGBTQ And Homeless By Lisa, Team Lead

I was born in Chicago. I don’t really know much about it, because I was very young when we moved to Colorado. I grew up mainly in Denver; then a small town called Slight. I’ve always been good with children. After I graduated high school I started taking childcare classes. I have something of a gift with kids. I’ve always gotten along with them, cared for them. They’re really special to me… Read more »



VOL IV - Jaclyn Epter, Employment Specialist

Most people are excited about their birthdays. At Downtown Streets Team (DST), we honor our Team Members’ birthdays, but some responses I’ve heard perfectly highlight how life-altering homelessness can be: “I haven’t celebrated my birthday for years,” one Team Member told me. “I’m just trying to get through the day.” Another Team Member, upon being offered a leftover slice of cake, declined. “I just don’t have anywhere to keep it.”… Read more »



VOL III - Annette Visor, San Francisco Team Member

By Annette Visor. Photo courtesy and first appearing in I went to live in Houston, Texas in June, 1977, and I stayed four years and came back to San Francisco. I went there to get my life established because my son was young and I wanted to make a future for him. I used to work at a convalescent home taking care of elderly people. I came back to San Francisco to see about my mom… Read more »



VOL II - Annette Visor, San Francisco Team Member

By Brandon Davis, Project Director of San Francisco: In a letter from Birmingham jail, Dr. Martin Luther King declared that "Human progress never rolls in on wheels of inevitability; it comes through tireless efforts…and without this hard work, time itself becomes an ally of the forces of social stagnation. We must use time creatively, in the knowledge that the time is always ripe to do right…" Read more »



VOL I - Just Say Hi

In one of the most innovative cities in the world, San Franciscans are moving quickly towards solutions for many of the world’s problems, yet we do so on a backdrop of severe homelessness: the imagery of people living in dire conditions on the streets has become the standard background of life in the City. In our current state of affairs, it’s easy to stop seeing unhoused community members as people, and let them blend into “the homeless.” It takes a conscious effort to remind ourselves that homelessness is an experience, not an identity… Read more »



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