Thank you for thinking of our Team Members and their families for your household item donations.

We also use donated furniture to update and replace furnishings at our offices.

Our process is “Real-Time.”
Please email digital photos of each item you are interested in donating, including furniture, dishes, bedding, towels and bed frames. We check with our direct services staff to see what is needed for newly and recently housed Team Members. We do not have warehouse space (too expensive!) so our process is designed to be real-time, and as efficient as we can make it for everyone involved.

We will reply to let you know if there is a match and then schedule a donation pick-up or drop-off that is convenient for you. Thank you again for your generous support!

Please send a photo of each item with a description to your city’s Project Director or Manager.

Did you know?

For fiscal year 2014-2015, 166 people found jobs and kept them for over 90 days.  That’s up 95% from last year.