Month: October 2015

Post #2: Yavneh Students Reflect on Volunteering with our Team Members


Yavneh Day School 8th grade students are volunteering with our homeless and low-income Team Members on our San Jose Team every Friday for just over a month.  After volunteering they write about their experiences and share their photos.  Their reflections are below. #StudentsInService


Yavneh Day School 8th Grader

This week, I was surprised to see that the street we were cleaning was so much messier than the one last week. We actually nearly filled our bags in an hour. I saw a lot of candy wrappers, cigarette butts and papers. We talked about what you can tell about a neighborhood from what people throw away. What I enjoyed most this week was talking with our team leader and learning about her experiences and her family.


Yavneh Day School 8th Grader

As we were driving to work with Downtown Streets Team for the second time, I really didn’t know what to expect. I have never really been exposed to low income areas nor have I interacted with homeless people on a personal level. Downtown Streets Team changed my perspective on homelessness.

As we started to work, we picked up trash and bottles. I was stunned. There was so much trash, and there was just litter everywhere. Every corner we turned, we saw more trash, piles of it.

The people that we work with (from DST), are all very open with us about their stories. My friend and I spoke with one DST member who told us about her experiences.


Yavneh Day School 8th Grader

This week we went to a street in downtown San Jose and we picked up trash with homeless people. It was good, tiring work and I felt proud when we finished. We went on 3 streets and picked up trash on all of them. I liked that the people we were working with were doing this to help improve their personal situations — they weren’t just doing a good deed for the city.


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