Month: August 2015

Zurb Wired is a Success

Our team joined forces with ZURB, an awesome design company, for its ZURB Wired 24 hour nonprofit event, to produce new collateral and a brand new look and feel for our organization. With the help of their experts we created a new brochure, an outreach flier, posters and the biggest thing of all — a new website with a whole new theme, fun and interactive donation options and an easy volunteer process!

We are extremely grateful for this incredible experience to work with such a talented team. We now have a clear vision for how to engage our communities, and we’re doing it in style. The ZURB team was nothing short of inspiring and remarkably fun to work with. They provided us with more than new brochures. They equipped us with the tools we’ll need as we grow.




“The Wired experience was both scary and inspiring. Scary in that we had set huge goals for ourselves, and had only 24 hours to see them through. Inspiring in that we were able to make it happen in such a short period of time,” said John Nemeth, Design Lead at ZURB. “The best part of the experience though, was working with the folks at DST. These people are AWESOME! Faced with a whole slew of new concepts, methods, ideas, and tasks, the DST crew quickly owned it and kept on owning it for 24 hours!” Our new theme “SEE. CHANGE. FIGHT. HOMELESSNESS.” reflects our desire to include other stakeholders in our fight against homelessness.


Zurbians in the zone

Zurbians in the zone



So often our Team Members tell us the worst thing about being homeless is feeling invisible or looked down upon. If we ever want to solve homelessness we need to truly “see” homeless people and understand the nature of the crisis. The truth is, it affects us all.


We are working hard to change perceptions everyday through our work-experience model, our impact on the community and environment. Our Team Members are working hard to change their own lives.


Help us fight homelessness by donating, fundraising, volunteering, hiring or housing a Team Member. We’ll need everyone’s help in the fight to end homelessness in our community and beyond.


One of the many brainstorms that lead us to "See. Fight. Change."

One of the many brainstorms that lead us to our new theme: “See. Fight. Change.”


Check out what the ZURB team had to say about our 24 hour race to the finish line:


“I love being able to support the teams during Wired. It’s always so rewarding to watch the process unfold throughout the day and build trust with another team. I hope that the teams we work with take away more that what we created physically. Wired is a great team building opportunity for everyone involved, ZURB is a stronger team because of wired and we hope Downtown Streets Team is too.” – Shawna Moser, Team Coordinator

“It was fantastic to work with such a passionate team and for such a worthy cause. The Downtown Streets Team were really engaged throughout the whole 24-hrs and knowing how important this is to them kept us all going strong to the finish.” – John Leenane, Partner

“I didn’t hear a single person from the DTS ask if they had to stay for the entire 24 hours. It was great working with such a dedicated team.” – Matt Kelly, Partner and Engineering Lead

“It was an incredibly rewarding experience working with Downtown Streets Team and it’s a cause our whole team was extremely passionate about. The work both teams were able to crank out is absolutely awe inspiring, and I’m thrilled to see it released into the world and having an impact in our community. Thank you for an amazing 24 hours!” – Daniel Codella, Marketer